Saturday, May 17, 2003

First stalls

5/17/03 - A day that started off warm and rather humid, partly cloudy. Flew two 20-minute lessons with P again, taking over the tow at 100'. I got rather far out of line on the tow, and P helped bring it back in at least once. Partly I was oversteering, partly it was more turbulent than I had experienced before. I seemed to be very tense today - don't know why.

The second time was better. He demonstrated straight-ahead stall and recovery, and I did it about 4 or 5 times. I think I did pretty well, nosing forward too aggressively just once or so. Better rudder coordination into turns, but came out of some cross-controlled. Very good attitude control on 360's.

No real lift, so we just kind of flew around and practiced turns and stalls. I flew the patterns and followed through on landing, getting the feel of the flare. Need to memorize the checklists better. The weather never did get very good, remaining hazy, with altostratus and wind later on.

C went along and flew a 40-minute ride at SE - wife had given him a gift certificate.

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