Sunday, August 03, 2003

Emergency decisions

8/3/03 - We were planning to do a 1000' pattern tow, but P pulled off at about 800'. I thought he was just entering the pattern early, not liking the position. Truth is, he was simulating a rather high rope break, and I was supposed to return for a downwind landing! I didn't get it, and entered the pattern low. I guess I really didn't think he'd pull an emergency this early, since my upwind landings aren't all that consistent. Surprise! So... now I'll be alert for any pull-offs before 800'.

I also had one takeoff go crooked. The first two landings had some problems, but the third was really very good.

Demonstrated and practiced forward slips - pretty cool. I went away that day mad at myself.

Total: 25 flights, about 8:40. P advises I should get my Student Pilot Certificate soon - maybe that means solo is approaching?

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