Saturday, August 30, 2003

Tehachapi... almost

8/30/03 - The club is having a campout at Tehachapi this weekend, but I can only drive up for the day. 2.5 hours, not too bad. The site is greener than I expected (I thought it would be desert) but at 4400' MSL it's a nice place. Long runways, though they slope. Nice little campground right there, 400' from the gliderport! Bigger office and operation than at home - even a little restaurant

When we went to unload the Blanik to assemble it, the tailwheel was missing! Fell off? Stolen? Whatever, the trainer is grounded! No local repair hangar has one. All the club members who brought their own ships have single-seaters, so I can't fly. Someone will bring a wheel up tonight, but I'll be gone by then. So... I just talked with the instructor, watched takeoffs and landings, discussed winds and slopes. I need to study airspace etc.

Took some pictures, looked at the TG-2 and Bowlus parked ouside the Vintage Sailplane Assn. meeting going on. Then 2.5 hours back home...

I hope to fly next weekend, because I've now missed 4! Need to get in on assembling the Blanik.

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