Saturday, January 03, 2004

Unhappy landings

1/3/04 - Three 2000' tows with a CFI. Chilly and breezy, the day after a storm, a little bit of CU here and there. Still having trouble with takeoffs - letting a wing drop for too long before correcting. Flying well.

Third flight, we found a thermal, about 100-300' up for a while, stretched a normally 10-minute tow into 17. First landing, I didn't use airbrakes properly, came in fast, bounced a bit, overshot, and then overbraked. Not good!

The next two were better, making better pattern adjustments. I need to not be afraid to put in the airbrakes when very low on final, if my speed is high. CFI won't sign me off for solo until I'm more consistent. In Nov. and Dec., I was able to get in only one weekend each month due to trips, Christmas, instructor vacation... it really hurts my consistency!

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