Saturday, September 25, 2004


9-25-04 Hot - about 100 degrees. One flight with a CFI, one solo, each 30 minutes. With CFI, we didn't do the practical sequence, we just soared... or tried to... Found a little lift, he helped me work it with half flaps and low speed. Pulled it out from 1100' AGL back up to about 1500', but then nothing more. Good landing, came in high and then with airbrakes did a very good landing right in the boxes.

Second flight, I released in strong lift but then it weakened and I had to work 1kt-3kt lift up to about 5300'. Glass ships were going far but I didn't find any more.

Then CFI took his mother for a 1.5 hour flight.

The good news: CFI endorsed me for my practical test! We talked about approaches to taking the test, what the instructors want to see.

Later, I helped L and J put away their glass ships.

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