Saturday, October 30, 2004

It's not just me

10-30-04 Five pattern flights with a CFI to work on slips to landing.

  • First time, I let the speed get way too high.
  • Second time, did not use enough rudder, so he kicked it in to show me how much I really can apply. Very extreme yaw!! Still came in too high.
  • Third time, better use of slip but too fast on final. The ASI is inaccurate, so you just have to go by sound... it's tough to pull the nose up after learning so much about stall avoidance on final. Each time, we pushed the downwind and base further from the field.
  • Fourth time, still floating, he (we? no firm transfer of control) decided to go over the taxiway. I did better last week - this time we ended up in the rough part of the gully, but in control and no damage.
  • Fifth time, way out on base, STILL came in too high.

Instructor was rather mystified... surprised at how little the Blanik comes down with just the slip. He'll talk with the other CFIs and get back to me with ideas. I now have over 100 flights in my log!

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