Saturday, December 04, 2004

Practical practice

12-04-04 One solo flight from 4000' AGL, to practice the practical sequence. Lousy weather, cold with a front coming in, but a 8000' AGL ceiling so at least we could glide. Funny takeoff - I kind of oscillated back and forth laterally. Maybe I was not reducing my rudder inputs as speed picked up. Good wake box. Good straight stalls and turning without spoilers. Turning with spoilers did not seem to want to fully stall. Some turbulence over the hills, maybe wind picking up. No lift, just a little zero sink. Fine landing.

I thought T might let me fly the PW5 but he left while I was flying the Blanik - I guess he was not feeling well and I don't think he wanted to be the one to send me up, although he did sign my book for it.

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