Sunday, January 23, 2005

First passenger with PPG - NOT!

1-23-05 Daughter M wants to be my first passenger, so I plan to fly after church. But she's sick and doesn't want to go.

MK wants to, so we head off to the field... a bit later in the day than optimal. J reports 6kt lift! Then after Preflighting we find MK is just too tall to fit and still give me full control movement. Bummer!

I fly anyway. Right after release, I get 6 kt all right - DOWN! I lose almost all my altitude and have to settle for zero sink at the IP. I float in zero for about half an hour, ending up with a 39 minute flight. VERY smooth precision landing - 45 kts feels a lot slower than 50 kt.

So... still have not taken a passenger.

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