Monday, April 11, 2005


Books I have read over the last two years:


The Art and Technique of Soaring by Wolters
Very good

Glider Flying Handbook by the FAA
Very good - goes into much more depth than the FAA standard Soaring Flight Manual

Going Solo by Piggott
OK - not really about going solo, just about soaring in general.

The Joy of Soaring by Conway
Very good as a training book. Now rather dated.

Learning to Fly Gliders by Bob Wander
Not so good. It's a syllabus with not much real info.

Soaring Accidents that Almost Happened by du Pont
Very good, lots to learn from. Don't show this one to your spouse.

Soaring Flight Manual by the SSA
Good, the standard manual used by instructors and referenced by the FAA tests.

Transition to Single Seat Made Easy by Bob Wander
Very good workbook

With Wings as Eagles by Halacy
Wonderful!! One of my favorites. The first chapters are a great non-technical, inspirational intro for non-pilots.

Aviation in general

Aerodynamics of the Airplane by Millikan
Very technical, tough to get through

The Art of Instrument Flying by Williams
Good, assumes you are working with an instructor. I haven't finished this one yet.

Private Pilot Test Prep by ASA
Very good practice material

Congested Airspace: A Pilot's Guide by Garrison

More with Less by Ciotti
Bio of Paul MacCready, very good

Pilot's Guide to Weather Reports, Forecasts & Flight Planning by Lankford

The Proficient Pilot by Barry Schiff

Simplifying the FAR/AIM by Guilkey
Bad. doesn't simplify or explain anything, just quotes the FAR/AIM

Stick and Rudder by Langewiesche
Wonderful!! This one tells you how an airplane really works.

Understanding Flying by Taylor

Weather Patterns and Phenomena: A Pilot's Guide by Turner

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I like the idea of the velcor strap. Seems a lot simpler than a radio harness on your chest.

Waht brand/modle of headset did you get and how much did it cost?

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