Sunday, April 17, 2005

Endorsements and Documents

After having to postpone my Private Pilot practical test once due to a couple of missing endorsements, I did some research and came up with 15 (yes, fifteen) required endorsements and documents. This list is for Private Pilot - Glider with no previous ratings, as of November 2004. This may change, and may be different if you're adding Glider as a rating to your existing certificate. As you prepare to take your practical, show this to your instructor(s) and see if they have anything to add or subtract. Better yet, fax this and copies of your docs and endorsements to your examiner in advance of the test, and make sure HE/SHE is happy with it!

1. Part 61.31(j)(ii) requires a logbook endorsement for aerotow in order to be Pilot In Command using aerotow. (You need an endorsement for whatever type of tow you will use in your test, because you are acting as PIC for the flights.) The SSA logbook (even the new one) does not have a preprinted spot for this.

2. Part 61.35(a)(1) and 61.105(b) requires an endorsement for aeronautical knowledge.

3. Part 61.39(a)(1) requires passing the knowledge test within 24 months of the practical test.

4. Part 61.39(a)(6)(i) requires training time within 60 days of the application, in preparation for the practical test.

5. Part 61.39(a)(6)(ii) requires endorsement that the applicant is prepared for the practical test.

6. Part 61.39(a)(6)(iii) requires an endorsement that the applicant has demonstrated satisfactory knowledge in the areas missed on the knowledge test.

7. Part 61.39(a)(7) requires a completed application.

8. Part 61.87(c) requires pre-solo flight training.

9. Part 61.87(n)(1) requires an endorsement on the student certificate (not logbook) for the specific make and model.

10. Part 61.87(n)(2) requires an endorsement for solo every 90 days.

11. Part 61.105(b) requires ground training for aeronautical knowledge.

12. Part 61.107(b) requires ground and flight training.

13. Part 61.109(f)(1) requires 10 hours of flight in a glider.

14. Part 61.109(f)(1)(i) requires 20 flights in a glider, including 3 training flights in preparation for the practical test within 60 days of the test.

15. Part 61.109(f)(1)(ii) requires 2 hours of solo time and at least 10 launches and landings.

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