Saturday, June 04, 2005

More Grob

Two more flights with instructor B. in the Grob 103. Good takeoff, OK on tow, but not as good as with the other ships. It's harder to coordinate turns than the other ships. The rudder is big and powerful (has to be, because of the long wings), and very sensitive. I'm OK in shallow turns but still need to work on rolling in and out of steeper turns.

My first landing was a bit short, because I didn't think to close the airbrakes and just let it float. The second was better. Need to work on speed control in the pattern - it was good most of the time but crept up by about 5kt a couple times.

I would have liked to take up the PW-5 too, because a convergence came in that was generating some CU. But we were working on repairing the battery connector wires, and it wasn't ready to go until quite late in the day.

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