Sunday, April 09, 2006

Auto towing day 1

The club is on a trip to Coyote Dry Lake near Barstow. The students and newer pilots are flying the Blanik with instructor B. Three members brought their own gliders: a 2-33, a PIK, and an ASW20B.

Saturday weather was great, 10-12 kt winds made for good launches to. 1500-1800' AGL. Sunday is forecast to be stiffer winds, so we hope we don't get blown out.

I had 3 auto tows a year and a half ago. My one launch today and 15-minute flight earned me my ground launch endorsement, so I'm hoping to take a solo flight today.

We have had a few issues with overrunning the cable on initial startup. We find that applying some wheel brake moderates the starting roll, but it takes just the right pressure. The 2-33 has a rough start because the brake causes it so slam down the nose. The Blanik isn't so extreme but still it's tricky.

Thermals have been OK, but not really strong. 2 to s knots and not very wide.

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