Saturday, November 04, 2006

Staying high

One of our club members recently accomplished a 300 kilometer flight in our PW5. Today we were talking about it, and he related something that I too have felt after my best flights. The feeling of elation and accomplishment stays with you for up to a couple of weeks. After my first solo, my first 10,000' flight, my practical test, and my first cross-country flight, I just did not come down for many days. I kept reliving the flight and felt very excited every time I thought about it. I don't think non-pilots quite understand how thrilling and satisfying it is to accomplish a new flying milestone. But I know my wife has noticed it on a couple of occasions 'cuz she's mentioned it to others.

I think that's partly why I started this blog. I just felt that I needed to write about soaring and share it with whoever would listen... and family and friends can only listen so much. ;-)

Comments welcome! I get very few comments on my blog entries these days... maybe no one's reading. But I'll keep writing.


christine said...

I'm reading. There aren't many people writing about gliders, so it's a nice change from the usual. I want to get a glider rating someday, but there isn't much opportunity around here that I know of. There's a private glider port a bit north of MSP (called Benson, I think), and that's the closest place people do training. One of these days ...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the thermal forecast spreadsheet. I check this blog out every now and then as well as Jeremy Z. The only two I am really aware of. Keep it up. Maybe drop another post on r.a.s.

Darren Darsey said...

Great Blog Roger. I'm surprised there are not more sailplane blogs out there. I'm a hanger glider pilot and hope to have an opportunity to fly sailplanes sometime in the future.
My blog can be found here.

TLB said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences.