Wednesday, December 13, 2006

National Geographic from 1967

One of my first exposures to soaring was an article in National Geographic magazine. I used to read them cover to cover when I was a kid (still do, pretty much). After I got into soaring just a few years ago, I recalled that article and hoped to see it again someday. Well, a fellow has just finished posting it to his web site, pictures and diagrams and all. It's a wonderful introduction to soaring! I highly recommend it to anyone even remotely interested... it'll give you a real sense of what it's all about and just how fun and unique it is. I'm putting this article on my permanent links. To anyone just discovering my blog: go read this, then come back here inspired.

It's from 1967, 40 years ago... but so much of it is still true. Sure, the high-end ships are all fiberglass or composite now... and we fly with GPS and lots of other electronics to make it safer. But you know, there are still a bunch of old Schweizer 1-26 and 2-33 gliders at my home field. And I learned to fly in a metal ship, the Blanik L-13. The thrill of one's first solo - and one's first flight alongside a raptor - is exactly the same as the article describes!

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