Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stop The Closure of Hemet-Ryan Gliderport

Join SSHT and Write the Supervisor in Charge!

As the first (of possibly many) steps, we need to organize ourselves and communicate to the politicians our displeasure with the closing of Hemet Ryan to gliders. With Oct 1st coming soon this need is immediate, so please do these two things TODAY.

1- Write and encourage everyone possible to write to Supervisor Stone expressing their displeasure with the loss of soaring at Hemet Ryan to the aviation community.
2- For further updates, join the Save Soaring at Hemet Today (SSHT) Google News Group at:

The county supervisor over Hemet Ryan is Jeff Stone, Riverside County Supervisor, Third District. His address is:

Supervisor Jeff Stone
43950 E. Acacia, Suite A
Hemet, CA 92543

Perhaps easier, Supervisor Stone has a website with a “Constituent Assistance Request Form” at

• State that you are against the closing of Hemet Ryan to glider operations in the first sentence.

• Ask that Supervisor Jeff Stone assist in preventing the closure.

• State that in your “pilot’s opinion” from actually flying at the site that the operation of Runway 23 is historically safe and future improvements are easily attainable.

• State there is no acceptable local alternative airport for soaring at Hemet

• If you live in Riverside County, do state that you do.

Who should write? As many as possible…everyone (not just pilots) who wants to see soaring continue at Hemet Ryan.

The SSHT Google NewsGroup is at:


Anonymous said...

What is the official rationale for trying to close it? What's the unofficial rationale, if any?

Roger Worden said...

Sailplane Enterprises is closing because the owner is retiring. All I know beyond that is that the County of Riverside has stated that glider activity will be shut down, no specific reason was given. It would seem that club and private pilot activity should be able to continue, using winch launching and private tow pilots.

It seems difficult to explain or justify, since the Hemet-Ryan Master Plan from 2004 states "Hemet-Ryan Airport is predominately a recreationally oriented airport. Somewhat less than half of all operations are related to sailplanes...". It would seem to me that a decision to close out a major use of the airport should have to go through a public hearing process.

I have heard speculation that the California Department of Transportation sees gliding as an activity incompatible with the California Division of Forestry firefighting aircraft. Yet the two have safely coexisted at Hemet-Ryan for many years.

Sarah said...

You should consider networking with the moms in the bizymoms Hemet community. i am sure they will have sore great ideas & thoughts