Friday, February 04, 2011

Logbook in Excel

I've copied my flights from my paper logbook into an Excel spreadsheet for several years. There are several advantages to having my logbook in electronic format:
  • Easy to search for a particular flight
  • Does the time arithmetic to carry forward from page to page
  • Can print a copy for safekeeping
  • Can use Excel analysis tools to count up flights and time in different ways. Like: "How many times have I flown model X vs. model Y?" I used it a lot when writing my last post, Review of 2010.
I've added several Pivot Tables to the spreadsheet recently to make that analysis really easy. I thought others might like to give it a try, so I've posted it for download here. Instructions are provided on the second tab. It has a few glider-specific fields, but it could easily be adapted for power pilots' use as well. Give it a try and let me know what you think.


Larus_p said...

Good stuff Roger, thanks!

Really have enjoyed reading your blog - equal parts pleasure, education and inspiration.

Wish more people blogged. Another of my favourites (and a place I have flown) is the Dartmoor gliding club in Devon, England - which to me is the epitome of a perfect "club" - check out


Hugh, Vancouver.

Sokrates said...


Thanx for the very handy excel logook.

Worx like charm!

Underberg, South Africa

joan gries said...

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