Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hemet-Ryan Master Plan Includes Soaring - NOT!

The County of Riverside published their new Master Plan, along with an "Initial Study" that addresses environmental and other issues. The Plan is full of unsubstantiated assumptions, unsupported conclusions, and undisclosed motivations. It assumes soaring will come back but will fail... it states that the Cal Fire operation will move and obliterate the soaring space but admits this will not help Cal Fire... it states this is necessary to provide "opportunities for new aviation uses on the south side" but doesn't say what those might be, and it admits that growth at HMT will be minimal.

In other words, it's a sham. FAA forced them to update their plan, and they did so with no input from soaring. Although they state that HMT is primarily a recreational airport, they plan to shut out a segment of aviation that accounts for a large fraction of the recreational operations. FAA ruled their actions illegal... but they persist in being uncooperative.

Here are links to the Plan and the Study.

If you'd like to write to the County about this issue, you can find the address and a sample letter on the Save Soaring at Hemet Today site.

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