Sunday, April 27, 2003

Wing running

4/27/03 - Arrived about 8:40. Met A and observed the end of preflight. Washed some of the plane. Learned a bit about BFR - Biannual Flight Review. I didn't see A do a positive control check nor test the airspeed indicator... wondered whether to bring this up but didn't. Two flights with P, didn't fly takeoff but did fly tow. I held height very well but yawed a bit, not too bad. Learned about watching the horizon on turns instead of watching the instruments. In straight-and-level flight, seemed to yaw due to oversteering. P recommends flying with a very light touch: two fingers and thumb. Flew the pattern (got to the Initial Point but missed the island) but not the landing - just called out speed. Observed airspeed dropped quite a bit just before landing - wind gradient? I'm having a little trouble interpreting the altimeter quickly. Learned not to focus on the airspeed indicator - it lags.

I observed the tow prep procedure carefully and did the wing running a couple of times for T and P... hard to remember the whole sequence. The second time, they released early and landed on the runway because they discovered belts sticking out of the canopy and flapping.

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