Saturday, October 04, 2008

All work and no fly #2

Today we needed to disassemble two gliders and trailer them to get ready for next weekend's club trip to Coyote Dry Lake. We plan to spend next weekend winch launching using a new two-drum winch that is being developed for sale by a fellow from San Diego. The disassembly of both the PW5 and a Blanik went pretty quickly.

The day was gray and cold, with a storm coming in. I had thought that I might do a few pattern tows in the Blanik to practice my precision landings (needed for the commercial practical test), but by the time we were done most everyone had left. And as I drove out of the airport, it started to drizzle. So... no flying this week.

I'm hoping next weekend to do one or two refresher winch launches in the Blanik with an instructor, and then fly in the PW5. The times I've been to Coyote, there have been no thermals. The last time the club went (and I didn't), the thermals were great. If I can get cell phone signal out there, I'll post updates during the weekend.

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